The Little Book of Hygge

I was really curious to know more about hygge that I decided to read “The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well” written by Meik Wiking. First of all, what is hygge? It isnìt easy to translate it but one of my favorite definitions is “the art of creating intimacy”. However, youContinue reading “The Little Book of Hygge”

World Book Day

I would like to celebrate the World Book Day sharing a review of one of my favorite readings of 2019: “Ikigai – The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life” authored by Hector García and Francesc Millares. The book touches the various aspects of life which can help us to achieve a long happyContinue reading “World Book Day”

Change your habits and you will change your life

This quarantine is an opportunity to change your habits and there is a book that can help you to achieve your new goals, it is “Atomic Habits” written by James Clear. Let’s start analyzing the title, what does atomic mean? It is an extremely small amount of thing, the single irreducible unit of a largerContinue reading “Change your habits and you will change your life”

Reading in quarantine

In this period of quarantine due to the spread of Covid-19 I would like to take the chance to share one of my greatest passions: reading. I have always loved to read since I was a child and once I grew up I had the opportunity to read books in different languages ( which isContinue reading “Reading in quarantine”

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