Your gut is clever

The Clever Gut Diet by Dr Michael Mosley isn’t really a diet book. He details some fascinating research to “revolutionize your body from the inside out”, as the subtitle says. Mosley tells us that in addition to what we all know about the gut – it transforms food into the nutrients and energy our bodies need – it also “accounts for most of our immune system, and produces more than two dozens hormones that influence everything from our appetite to our mood.”

But how is this possible?

Your gut contains millions of neurons and is home to the microbiome, i.e.  trillions of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes that live mainly in your large intestine or colon.

The reason you should care about your microbiome is that, as many research showed in the last few years, having the right mix of “good” bacteria in your gut is vitally important for your long term health. It is proved that “good” bacteria help you fight infection and prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes, as well as depression and common gut disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

But is this working for everyone? Well actually the same research shows that we need individual diets that are tailored to the particular bacteria present in our guts. Dr. Mosley says that the more diverse is our microbiome, the more different types of bacteria we have in our guts, the healthier we will be. And how can we diversify our microbiome? Trying to differ our “diet” and avoiding junk food is a good start.

I recommend you to read this book if you are interested to learn how your gut works and the importance it holds for your overall health and wellbeing. Besides if you like to cook you will find at the end an interesting section with lots of recipes from all over the world.

I liked this book, I think it is really useful. I am now always aware of what I eat and I started to include new kinds of food to my diet. Is it worth reading it? Honestly…I feel better 😉

Published by Mornings with Claudia

Hi everyone! I am an Italian girl who started to write this blog during the quarantine due to Coronavirus. I used to live in Australia but I am in Italy at the moment and the situation in the country is really difficult. I just want to share my lifestyle and meet new people to stay connected. Thank you for reading!

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