Change your habits and you will change your life

This quarantine is an opportunity to change your habits and there is a book that can help you to achieve your new goals, it is “Atomic Habits” written by James Clear.

Let’s start analyzing the title, what does atomic mean? It is an extremely small amount of thing, the single irreducible unit of a larger system. And what about habits? It stands for all the routines performed regularly; an automatic response to a specific situation.

Clear starts talking about his life and how, since he had a high school injury, he began to adopt this new philosophy: “small habits helped me fulfill my potential” he affirms. In fact after that experience he settled a few new purposes like to perform at a high level on the field (he was a baseball player), to become a writer (a bestsellers author considering that this book is in the New York Times bestsellers’ list), to build a successful career, and simply to develop in a responsible adult.

When you want to reach a goal in life it is not the best thing to focus just on the final result. Instead, “decide who you want to be and then identify the habits to such a person would incorporate into their life” Clear suggests. This is the mindset that leads to success, which is the outcome of daily habits, not of a once in a lifetime transformation.

Do you want to lose weight? Or maybe do you prefer to quit smoking? Great, let’s do it. But how? Set a new routine, but start with something simple because if your new schedule is to hard to follow, you will feel frustrated and you will give up soon. This is the secret.

And the good news is that this principles can be applied to every aspect of your life as relationships, fitness, education, finance, career, parenting, home life – anything upon your behaviour.

I loved this book, it is interesting and useful because there are several examples that show how to apply this philosophy to daily life.

Give yourself a chance to improve your habits, you might get better results than what you expects 😉

Published by Mornings with Claudia

Hi everyone! I am an Italian girl who started to write this blog during the quarantine due to Coronavirus. I used to live in Australia but I am in Italy at the moment and the situation in the country is really difficult. I just want to share my lifestyle and meet new people to stay connected. Thank you for reading!

4 thoughts on “Change your habits and you will change your life

  1. You have tapped into the zeitgeist, Claudia! Just a few days ago, because all this social isolation has given me lots more time to think, I began a little exercise (not my usual ‘thing’ at all). Even if I don’t read this book, you and Clear have inspired me to keep going, a tiny bit at a time! Thank you.

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